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A Rotary Foundation Global Grant in partnership with the Portobello Business Centre, created a business 
programme to help mothers of young children in areas of North West London to get back on their feet.

MyLifeMix was a programme of a 9-week period business start-up courses. Designed specifically for women with caring responsibilities of any age deliver not just business skills, but structured support with the process of thinking through the complex issues around balancing other responsibilities and running a business. The course run during school hours, during term time only, to enable women with children to drop them and collect them from school. 31 out of 37 women managed to complete the course creating strong relationships and making steps together. Almost all of the drop offs happened due to family issues. As a result of the programme: 5 of the women have already started their businesses. The various sectors are listed below;

  1. Training and wellbeing consultant

  2. Health and fitness

  3. Wellbeing alternative health

  4. Food

  5. Female Empowerment network related to Pakistan

Furthermore, 5 Women have continued training/learning, and 2 have got jobs since then. 

At Rotary Club of Paddington, we are dedicated to stepping up our efforts in addressing the issues and strategies for women's empowerment.

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#MyLifeMix: What We Do
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